Thursday, 4 June 2015

Beautiful Find out how to plant succulents in containers!

lovely Find out how to plan

Beautiful Plumeria

lovely Plumeria

Beautiful Hollyhocks....

lovely Hollyhocks....

Beautiful BELLFLOWER - Cluster Bellflower Bears Deep Purple Blooms These can be invasive! But I love them anyway....

lovely BELLFLOWER - Cluster

Beautiful RED LOTUS

lovely RED LOTUS

Beautiful night-blooming cereus

lovely night-blooming cereu



Beautiful Purple Green Orchid

lovely Purple Green Orchid

Beautiful Alpen Sundown

lovely Alpen Sundown

Beautiful Purple Poppies

lovely Purple Poppies

Beautiful Ice Cream different!

lovely Ice Cream Tulips...s

Beautiful "Pink Mink", a Protea flower

lovely "Pink Mink", a Prote

Beautiful Growing Hydrangeas • Lots of Tips & Ideas!

lovely Growing Hydrangeas •

Beautiful moody skies and sunflowers. Finally found the photographer: 'Sunflowers at Arne' by Tony Gill

lovely moody skies and sunf

Beautiful Yellow Ground Orchid

lovely Yellow Ground Orchid