Monday, 30 March 2015

Beautiful Oxalis palmifrons hails from the deserts of South Africa. This oxalis looks like a giant green snowflake. Zone 7 - 10 Each symmetrical rosette has three dimensional, miniature palm-like leaves.In late fall it is topped with stalks of light pink flowers held just above the foliage. Oxalis palmifrons makes a great windowsill plant.

lovely Oxalis palmifrons ha

Beautiful Ranunculus

lovely Ranunculus

Beautiful Free Standing Garden Porch made of recycled materials.

lovely Free Standing Garden

Beautiful | pink crab apple tree (10)


Beautiful | rose (5)


Beautiful ~~Camellia Japónica 'NIGHT RIDER' by Santiago M. C.~~

lovely ~~Camellia Japónica

Beautiful Wild Iris

lovely Wild Iris

Beautiful Orchid

lovely Orchid

Beautiful Oprhys tenthredinifera Wild orchids of Spain

lovely Oprhys tenthredinife

Beautiful Lovely!

lovely Lovely!

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lovely outfit bershka sprin