Friday, 7 February 2014

Beautiful Bluebells

lovely Bluebells

Beautiful Anemone, Chicago Botanic Garden

lovely Anemone, Chicago Bot

Beautiful Zapatito de dama, Cypripedium calceolus. en Pirineos

lovely Zapatito de dama, Cy

Beautiful Scrophulariaceae: Linaria alpina

lovely Scrophulariaceae: Li

Beautiful "Blue fountains" delphiniums have 3-foot stalks of blooms that don't require staking. They bloom in June and July, but if you cut them back after flowering, they'll bloom again in the fall! | 13 flashy flowers to plant | Living the Country Life | www.livingthecoun...

lovely "Blue fountains" del

Beautiful Oriental poppy

lovely Oriental poppy

Beautiful The Ohia Lehua by eyeofeinstein: The flower of the Big Island grows on trees up to 98' tall. Legend has it that Ohia and Lehua were young lovers who were separated by the volcano goddess Pele when Ohia rejected Pele's advances and was turned into an Ohia tree. Heartbroken, Lehua was turned into a flower and placed into his branches by other gods. To pick a flower is to separate Lehua from Ohia and fills the sky with tears which fall as rain.

lovely The Ohia Lehua by ey

Beautiful ferns

lovely ferns

Beautiful Bluebells

lovely Bluebells

Beautiful Hawaii

lovely Hawaii

Beautiful Aloha Hawaii - Stunning climber in a tropical blend of apricot, pink, and red. Recurrent bloom with clusters of up to 10 4" flowers (40-50 petals). Height 6-8ft., width 4 ft. Very vigorous, strong canes, healthy. Delicate fruity fragrance. Kordes, 2003.

lovely Aloha Hawaii - Stunn

Beautiful ❤ Hollyhocks www.PADLOCKSandPE...

lovely ❤ Hollyhocks www.PAD

Beautiful Dendrobium Ingham Blue

lovely Dendrobium Ingham Bl

Beautiful Creative DIY Gardening Idea # 13: Succulent Planter

lovely Creative DIY Gardeni

Beautiful Aquilegia vulgaris Dorothy Rose - aka: Granny’s Bonnet. Perennial blooms spring to summer, zones 3-9

lovely Aquilegia vulgaris D

Beautiful Echinops

lovely Echinops

Beautiful "If you're not exactly a plant whisperer, club soda will change your life! Give it to your plants to quench their thirst. The nutrients in club soda (sodium citrate and potassium sulfate) will help enrich the soil. Like steroids for your plants - but without the chemicals."

lovely "If you're not exact

Beautiful Could also use these as patterns for other things...reuse corks, fabric...Southern Exposure Landscape Management - Build a Brick Paver Patio

lovely Could also use these

Beautiful Add a butterfly bush to your garden for a fruity scent:

lovely Add a butterfly bush

Beautiful The Submissive Mindset

lovely The Submissive Minds

Beautiful R o s e s

lovely R o s e s

Beautiful Lovely

lovely Lovely

Beautiful Purple Chrysanthemums!

lovely Purple Chrysanthemum

Beautiful Rainbow Tulips

lovely Rainbow Tulips

Beautiful Peonies at a flower stall on Rue de Buci, Paris

lovely Peonies at a flower

Beautiful Mountain Mat Pea - Flowering during spring at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

lovely Mountain Mat Pea - F

Beautiful Rainbow Tulips

lovely Rainbow Tulips

Beautiful Spikes - Rare Afgekia sericea, Legume

lovely Spikes - Rare Afgeki

Beautiful Laelia halbingeriana orchid

lovely Laelia halbingeriana

Beautiful English Roses

lovely English Roses

Beautiful Tulip

lovely Tulip

Beautiful Simple geometry by lumizet

lovely Simple geometry by l

Beautiful Gladiolus ~ 'Velvet Eyes'

lovely Gladiolus ~ 'Velvet

Beautiful Orchid Ponerorchis Graminifolia

lovely Orchid Ponerorchis G

Beautiful Bridal Pink - pink bridal bouquet; pink ranunculas

lovely Bridal Pink - pink b

Beautiful perennial cornflower

lovely perennial cornflower

Beautiful Sunflower Dawn

lovely Sunflower Dawn

Beautiful The flowers of Ismene

lovely The flowers of Ismen

Beautiful ~~Gladiolas by Sue Overson~~

lovely ~~Gladiolas by Sue O

Beautiful Astrantia by littlestschnauzer

lovely Astrantia by littles

Beautiful Rain Drop

lovely Rain Drop

Beautiful Orchid - Caucaea Rhodosticta

lovely Orchid - Caucaea Rho

Beautiful Clematis 101 Easy Care Guide

lovely Clematis 101 Easy Ca

Beautiful Ceramic Bird house

lovely Ceramic Bird house

Beautiful Peonies

lovely Peonies

Beautiful Mountain Laurel Blooms

lovely Mountain Laurel Bloo

Beautiful 400 PX: Pale Yellow Roses

lovely 400 PX: Pale Yellow

Beautiful Planting Charts for Spring-Flowering Bulbs by bhg #Infographic #Gardens #Spring_Bulbs

lovely Planting Charts for

Beautiful 'It's Showtime' pastel Rose

lovely 'It's Showtime' past

Beautiful Mailbox Garden - way cool!

lovely Mailbox Garden - way