Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Beautiful Tulip 'Ice Cream' - Bulb Tulipa   New! This magnificent tulip definitely lives up to its name, as when in bloom it looks just like a delicious ice-cream - it looks almost good enough to eat. The outer deep-pink petals open to reveal the inner soft-white petals that are formed closely together. The large peony shaped flowers are also attractive as cut flowers.

lovely Tulip 'Ice Cream' -

Beautiful Pentas is one of the best butterfly-attracting plants around. It blooms all year in South Florida with large clusters of starry blooms that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

lovely Pentas is one of the

Beautiful Gorgeous no-grass combination!

lovely Gorgeous no-grass co

Beautiful One of my interests is floral design, Beautiful Backyard.

lovely One of my interests

Beautiful Old style water pump

lovely Old style water pump

Beautiful Purple Peaches

lovely Purple Peaches

Beautiful FRUTAS....❤

lovely FRUTAS....❤

Beautiful Ana Rosa

lovely Ana Rosa

Beautiful Fenugreek is one of the easiest vegetable you can grow, seeds used as spice and dried leaves as herb. Its acrid taste is delicious, widely used in Persian and Indian cuisines.

lovely Fenugreek is one of

Beautiful .

lovely .

Beautiful Just plain C O U N T R Y

lovely Just plain C O U N T

Beautiful Purple Orchid Fairies a lovely and unique treasure discovered while roaming the hawaiian rainforest

lovely Purple Orchid Fairie

Beautiful Colorspohoto

lovely Colorspohoto