Thursday, 18 December 2014

Beautiful 'Candle Lite' Dahlia

lovely 'Candle Lite' Dahlia

Beautiful Texas Bluebonnets

lovely Texas Bluebonnets

Beautiful birds wallpaper

lovely birds wallpaper

Beautiful Lilium pumilum red Turks cap type species lilies with recurved petals, downward facing hanging down blooms, summer flowering bulbs, sweetly fragrant plant

lovely Lilium pumilum red T

Beautiful Iris Early Light, intermediate bearded iris yellow picotee edges and white flowers with orange-yellow beard perennial flower, macro closeup of fall

lovely Iris Early Light, in

Beautiful ~Hybiscus 'Tahitian Lion Queen'

lovely ~Hybiscus 'Tahitian

Beautiful Portland Japanese Gardens..I am so taking the train to Portland to see this.

lovely Portland Japanese Ga

Beautiful Ring, Manjushri (Wenzhu) Monastery, Chengdu, Sichuan.

lovely Ring, Manjushri (Wen

Beautiful So funny

lovely So funny

Beautiful Dahlia 'Innocence'.

lovely Dahlia 'Innocence'.