Thursday, 6 March 2014

Beautiful Apple cinnamon pancakes | | #breakfast #fruit

lovely Apple cinnamon panca

Beautiful Creating a cobblestone path from a purchased form and bags of ready-mix

lovely Creating a cobblesto

Beautiful Summer sun

lovely Summer sun

Beautiful Parrot flower of Thailand

lovely Parrot flower of Tha

Beautiful Double Shine Sunflowers

lovely Double Shine Sunflow

Beautiful Hydrangea paniculata

lovely Hydrangea paniculata

Beautiful Cotton Candy Grass - Withstands heat, humidity, poor soil and even drought. Very easy to grow, it reaches a mature height of 3-4 feet tall and gets 3-4 feet wide. Grows in all U.S zones.

lovely Cotton Candy Grass -

Beautiful Paris Rooftop Garden. Flowers and plants give so much charm to this place. Compare with the others balcony.

lovely Paris Rooftop Garden

Beautiful flower shop

lovely flower shop

Beautiful Euphorbia horrida

lovely Euphorbia horrida

Beautiful Sarracenias, pitcher plant

lovely Sarracenias, pitcher

Beautiful Saguaro - Carnegiea gigantea

lovely Saguaro - Carnegiea