Friday, 5 December 2014

Beautiful Diphylleia grayi (Skeleton flower), Grays Diphylleia or Umbrella Leaf ~ The petals become transparent with the rain.

lovely Diphylleia grayi (Sk

Beautiful 1997

lovely 1997

Beautiful Winning entry, Chicago Botanic Garden Fall Digital Photography Contest

lovely Winning entry, Chica

Beautiful Abraham Darby - David Austin roses

lovely Abraham Darby - Davi

Beautiful September 2nd place winner, Professional Garden Photographers’ Association (Tricyrtis formosana)

lovely September 2nd place

Beautiful Succulent Wreath by Oasis Water Efficient Gardens - www.succulentsand...

lovely Succulent Wreath by

Beautiful The 16 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World | Funny Buburuza

lovely The 16 Most Beautifu

Beautiful Ponerorchis graminifolia

lovely Ponerorchis graminif

Beautiful flower, spotted, background, stem, petals

lovely flower, spotted, bac

Beautiful flowersgardenlove: “ Muscari - Grape Hyacinth ”

lovely flowersgardenlove: “

Beautiful Red Bells

lovely Red Bells

Beautiful lilies, flowers, flowerbed, green

lovely lilies, flowers, flo

Beautiful Flowers in ice

lovely Flowers in ice

Beautiful Showy Ladyslippers

lovely Showy Ladyslippers

Beautiful Monet's Garden, Giverny

lovely Monet's Garden, Give