Sunday, 5 January 2014

Beautiful Ornamental Oregano

lovely Ornamental Oregano

Beautiful ✯ London Pride

lovely ✯ London Pride

Beautiful Helleborus, midnight ruffles

lovely Helleborus, midnight

Beautiful Geranium

lovely Geranium

Beautiful purple spider flower

lovely purple spider flower

Beautiful White Rose

lovely White Rose

Beautiful Penstemon rubicundus

lovely Penstemon rubicundus

Beautiful Aquilegias

lovely Aquilegias

Beautiful 'Latin Lady' Roses

lovely 'Latin Lady' Roses

Beautiful Puya berteroniana

lovely Puya berteroniana

Beautiful Green Renoncules Roses

lovely Green Renoncules Ros

Beautiful Carl Parow

lovely Carl Parow

Beautiful Jack-in-the-Pulpit

lovely Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Beautiful Graptopetalum Rusbyi Flor

lovely Graptopetalum Rusbyi

Beautiful Fiori di pesco

lovely Fiori di pesco

Beautiful Aster

lovely Aster

Beautiful Alcea rosea

lovely Alcea rosea

Beautiful Ostrich Plume Aster

lovely Ostrich Plume Aster

Beautiful Orange Cream Dahlias

lovely Orange Cream Dahlias

Beautiful Orange Flower

lovely Orange Flower

Beautiful Morning Glory

lovely Morning Glory

Beautiful Victorian Language of Flowers - Forget-me-not

lovely Victorian Language o

Beautiful Victorian Language of Flowers - Purple Violet

lovely Victorian Language o

Beautiful daisies

lovely daisies

Beautiful Point Montara Lighthouse, Half Moon Bay, California

lovely Point Montara Lighth

Beautiful Create great contrast with sweet potato vine and the Wave Purple Petunias...

lovely Create great contras

Beautiful Beautiful pink sea lilies. LOVE!

lovely Beautiful pink sea l

Beautiful Flowers

lovely Flowers



Beautiful Roses

lovely Roses

Beautiful Sempervivum 'Slate'

lovely Sempervivum 'Slate'

Beautiful Beautiful

lovely Beautiful

Beautiful Clematis Piilu - one of the heaviest blooming clematis. Perfect for growing in containers because it is shorter in length.

lovely Clematis Piilu - one

Beautiful Globularia alypum L.

lovely Globularia alypum L.

Beautiful ranunculus

lovely ranunculus

Beautiful Purple Tulips

lovely Purple Tulips

Beautiful David Austin Rose 'Tamora'

lovely David Austin Rose 'T

Beautiful Beautiful cream roses

lovely Beautiful cream rose

Beautiful White stars

lovely White stars

Beautiful Anemoon, teder wit (met paars)

lovely Anemoon, teder wit (

Beautiful ~~Ringing the Bell by AnyMotion ~ Lily of the Valley / Maiglöckchen (Convallaria majalis)~~

lovely ~~Ringing the Bell b

Beautiful Purple alliums

lovely Purple alliums



Beautiful Chocolate Orchid

lovely Chocolate Orchid

Beautiful Lilium Regale Trumpets

lovely Lilium Regale Trumpe

Beautiful Calla Lilies by SF knitter

lovely Calla Lilies by SF k

Beautiful Coquette by Ceslavs

lovely Coquette by Ceslavs

Beautiful Aechmea Fasciata

lovely Aechmea Fasciata